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The Crescent Newspaper is the only Muslim American monthly newspaper published and distributed throughout the Sacramento Metropolitan free of charge, and offers information, news and events that are important to and
reflective of the Muslim Community in the area and the United states. It is also a directory for activities and community affairs.


The Crescent Newspaper advertising section is the key that opens the multi-million dollars Muslim buying market to a wide range of businesses.


The advertising team is familiar with the community; its cultural traditions, consumer ratings and all other factors relevant to the effective advertising.


Our advertising rates are very reasonable, so you keep your advertising costs to a minimum while dramatically increasing your exposure within, and outside, of the Muslim American communities. With many advertising options available, there is something to suit every budget.


The Crescent Newspaper is independent, political, social and cultural paper and is an open forum to all community members regardless of their origin, religion or gender.

Our Mission



The Crescent Newspaper serves the Muslim Communities in Sacramento Metropolitan area. Its mission is to:


  1.        Become the Muslim Communities source of news and events in Sacramento Metropolitan Area.
  2.          Provide an independent perspective on issues important to the community.
  3.           Provide the news and information needed regarding issues of concern to the Community.
  4.        Announce and publicize the community activities and events.
  5.           Provide exposure to the Muslim businesses and organizations through advertising avenues.
  6.        Promote the Muslim businesses and organizations within the community.
  7.          Increase the ties and the relationships of the different community members, businesses and organizations within Sacramento Meropolitan area.
  8.        Bring the community together through knowledge, awareness and participation.

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