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The Crescent Newspaper: Monthly - In English - Serving the Muslim Community in Sacramento County


The Crescent Newspaper is a monthly newspaper serving the Muslim community and distributed throughout the Sacramento Greater Area free of charge. The Crescent Newspaper offers information, news and events that are important to and reflective of the Muslim Community in the area. It is also a directory for activities and communityaffairs.

The Crescent Newspaper is the community’s source for information regarding masjids, businesses, activities, articles and events. Its goals are to promote the Muslims, the Muslims owned businesses, highlight the issues of concerns to all Muslims in the Sacramento Greater Area, and the USA while promoting unity of all Muslims.


Here is some information about the area:


  • Population in the Sacramento Metropolitan, based on the latest census: 1.8 M.
  • Muslims' population is estimated to be between 60000 to 80000.
  • There are more than 20 masjids and Islamic centers.
  • The community is a mix of all backgrounds.


All types of businesses, Muslims and otherwise, rely on The Crescent Newspaper to reach Muslims in the Sacramento Metro area with their advertising message needs.

Increases in the number of Muslim population in North America have been dramatic during the last decade. This group has a high level of spending and is a strong potential source of revenue. In The Crescent Newspaper, we have both the resources and the skilled personnel to promote any of your products and services to the Muslim community in the Sacramento Greater Area.


We would like to ask you to consider advertising in The Crescent Newspaper. There are many benefits to advertise in The Crescent Newspaper including:


1- The advertising team is familiar with the community; its cultural traditions, consumer ratings and all other factors relevant to the effective advertising.


2- Our advertising rates are very reasonable, so you keep your advertising costs to a minimum while dramatically increasing your exposure within, and outside, of the Muslim communities in the Sacramento Metropolitan area. With many advertising options available, there is something to suit every budget.


3- The Crescent Newspaper is distributed throughout the Sacramento Metropolitan area at more than 25 locations including masjids, Islamic centers, and Muslim businesses, so your business will get the widest exposure.



Our designers can work with you to design the most effective ads to produce maximum results.


Estimates of Muslims in Sacramento County:   120,000.

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